Hi! I am Dr. ‘Malik.

I am a Nigerian medical doctor, sex-therapist, writer, and public speaker.

I love people…and I love helping people. And I want to help YOU! I will be very happy if you give me the opportunity to help you live a healthy and happy life!

This site is one of the ways I imagined I could help you. Please, be free… relax, and enjoy!

Health Tips…and what to expect from Dr. ‘Malik:

Thanks, again!

With plenty-plenty love,

Dr. ‘Malik Haruna King.

P.S. This site is not ideal for you if you are looking for materials for academic writings, research papers, and other related purposes. Here, we are simple and practical. We give health tips and information in small, simple bites that every ordinary, non-medical person can chew! For in-depth health and medical information, check sites like Wikipedia‘s Health and Fitness Portal, the World Health Organization [WHO] website, WebMD, and other authority sites.