Do You Need Sex Therapy?

Do you want to talk to a sexologist about your sex problems, questions, and concerns?

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Let’s Talk About Sex And Sex Therapy!

I am a Nigerian medical doctor and sex therapist.

Now, what that means is that I have professional knowledge, training, and experience to help people solve their sex and sex-related problems.

I assist people with sex questions, concerns, problems, and dysfunctions find answers and solutions so that they can start having active, satisfying sex.

I help restore people’s enjoyment of sex and sexual intimacy.

This is called sex therapy.


Sexual problems and situations where sex is not enjoyed could arise from different sources, including:

  • Physical: The body. Where there is a disease or medical conditions affecting the sexual system and the sexual act.
  • Psychological: The mind. Where the person’s mentality, past experiences, and view of sex affects the sexual performance and experience.
  • Social: Relationships. Where the quality of one’s relationships affects one’s sexual desires and performance.
  • External: This is how external and environmental factors (like drugs, lifestyle) affects once sex life negatively.

The duty of the sex therapist is to diagnose the root-cause of the problem using several medical and psychoanalytic methods and, then, proffer the appropriate solution or referral to other related specialists.

Sex therapy is largely a talk-therapy and strictly verbal – meaning that physical contact between the sex therapist and client is not usually required.

And sometimes even physical presence of the client might not be needed. Hence, sex therapy session could be carried out online and over phone conversation and video conferencing.

Sometimes, drugs, books, sex products, and so on could be prescribed.

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Therapy sessions could be with individuals or couples.

Sex-Problems And Areas Where Sex Therapy Could Help You

Over the years, I have helped several people — males and females, singles and couples, married and unmarried — to solve their sexual problems like:

1: Premature Ejaculation and Delayed Ejaculation
2: Weak Erection and Erectile Dysfunction
3: Low libido or lack of sexual drive
4: Painful Sex
5: Inability to achieve orgasm and Non-consummation
6: Recovery from Rape, Sexual Abuse or Sexual Assault
7: Infertility
8: Poor Sexual Performance
9: Sexual Addiction and Promiscuity
10: Sexual Fetishes and Sexual Disorders (like Pedophilia)

Others include: Anxiety about sex, fear of sex, lack of confidence in the bedroom, questions about sexual orientation (homosexuality, transgender, and so on)

My Sex Therapy Sessions and Services

Sexual intimacy is one of the most beautiful gifts which when not working out well as it should, could leading to serious problems both in one’s personal life and love life.

People tend to keep sex problems and challenges secret. It is shameful to talk about your weaknesses and, more so, talk about such a very private thing publicly.

It is understandable.

I understand.

Fortunately, finding a reliable, professional sex therapist can give you a safe opportunity to talk about all your sex questions, concerns, problems, struggles, fantasies, and desires –privately and personally.

Why Work With Me

1: Experience: I am a licensed Medical Doctor with over 7 years of experience of in sex therapy.
2: Convenience: I offer online and phone-call health services [Not limited by time or location]
3: Personalized: I offer one-on-one sex therapy [Not a group or forum thing]
4: Customized: I offer customized health consultations [to address the exact problem you are facing.]
5: Confidential: I offer private, highly confidential health services [Your secrets are completely safe!]

How It Works

Step 1: Book an appointment by filling the contact form below and clearly describe the sex questions, concerns, or problems that you want addressed in the sex therapy session

Step 2: After assessing your requests, we will send you a message indicating details about the sex therapy session with you: duration of session (e.g 30 minutes, 1 hour, and so on), number of sessions (e.g one session, multiple sessions), nature of session (single or with your partner) and Consultation fees (with invoice containing payment details)

Step 3: After we confirm payment of consultation fees, we will send you another message containing certain health and sex information you must have ready before the session, medium of the session (e.g phone calls, video calls, physical consultation), and time that the session will hold.

Step 4: Feedback from you and further assessment and follow-up to ensure your problem is completely solved.

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