Child Eye Care Tips for Monsoon: 9 Practical Tips

Child Eye Care Tips: How to protect your child’s eyes from eye infections

Child Eye Care Tips

First, why Child Eye Care Tips for monsoon?


Monsoons are eagerly awaited by one and all. The onset of monsoon brings fun and smiles on faces.

It brings a great sigh of relief from the scorching sun and timid heat. During childhood, rains bring a great sense of joy and are enjoyed to the fullest.

Getting drenched in the rains and playing in muddy pits during monsoon gives immense pleasure. But monsoon doesn’t come with rains and fun alone, it brings bacteria, viruses, seasonal diseases and ailments along with it.

Pains and discomfort in the eyes are the common signs of the emergence of the rainy season. The air transmitting with various viruses can affect the eyes and cause viral infections if proper hygiene is not taken.

Children are more prone to catch eye infection in monsoon quite quickly as they come in contact with various bacteria easily. Air and water-borne diseases that plague child’s eyes makes them sick and bedridden.

Child eye infection in monsoon is a major concern for mothers. They keep analyzing how to protect their child from certain diseases and ailments on the onset of the rainy season.

Does your child’s eye look red? Or he/she is irritated with a specific eye infection like conjunctivitis or stye?

Or a particular viral infection has made your child fall sick? Redness, burning eyes and swelling are the general symptoms of an infection during the rainy season.

If your child is facing any such issue, specific eye care tips are essential to follow to prevent eye infection. Slight negligence on personal hygiene can cause significant health concerns.

If a situation gets worse, don’t medicate yourself, consultation of a doctor is recommended. A quick guide to protect child eye infection in monsoon is a must for every parent to protect their child from further diseases and ailments.

9 Child Eye Care Tips To Prevent Eye Infections

  1. Wash your eyes at short intervals

You must ensure your child washes their eyes with cold water after short duration at regular intervals in monsoon. He/she should develop a habit of washing eyes after playing in the rain once they reach home.

If they don’t do it on their own, you must ensure they are following the rules of playing in the rain. Dust particles and bacteria surrounding eyes are washed once you wash their eyes with cold water and prevent them from causing any further eye ailments.

  1. Make a habit of washing hands after playing

Kids play in the dirty delves during monsoon and come home with dirty hands and germs. As soon as the child gets in the home after playing, the mom cooked food is served to them, and they pounce on it.

Ask them to make a habit of washing hands as soon as they reach home. Hands must be washed properly to stay safe and germ-free.

Ask them to avoid touching their eyes and eat food with dirty hands. A little precaution can make you, and your kids enjoy the season to the fullest.

  1. Sharing towels and napkins are a big No

Eye infections are easily communicated from one person to another and when the season is monsoon the case becomes even worse. Sharing personal belongings increases the risk of any eye infection.

In order to maintain personal hygiene towels, napkins, handkerchiefs should be used separately. It can transmit bacteria and viruses from infected member to another. 

  1. Avoid waterlogged areas and swimming

Avoiding swimming and waterlogged areas in monsoon is a great idea to prevent eye infections. Kids love to swim and when there is water all around their fun gets doubled.

Their ongoing swimming classes should be restricted for a few weeks as water contains viruses and bacteria which can make your kids fall sick. During monsoon, the pool gets polluted with dirty water which can lead to further ailments and eye infections.

Child eye infection in monsoon can be easily caused as kids love to play in dirty puddles. They are high bacteria prone areas during the rainy season. They get in the pool with germs and infect the whole pool. Swimming can blow up the problem even further.

  1. Street food must be avoided

Avoiding street food during monsoons helps in preventing various diseases. Rainy season increases the craving of street food as we see many stalls when we pass by the street.

The aroma and the deliciousness of the food make your kids stop and grab their sight. Avoid giving them street food in the rainy season as unhealthy eating habits enhance the risk of developing eye problems.

A healthy diet should be given to your kids, which is rich in essential nutrients that are necessary for healthy eyes. Ensure your kids eat healthy homemade food in the rainy season. 

  1. Keep home clean and dry

It’s all wet and muddy outside. But you must take measures to keep your home clean and dry to avoid attracting insects and germs. Insects may irritate the eye as some very tiny particles can enter the eye, causing further itching and redness in the eyes

As kids tend to play on the floor, dirty footwear should be removed before entering the house, and the floor should be wiped with an antiseptic liquid that kills the germs present on the floor preventing any sort of infection.

  1. Try to avoid the first shower in monsoons

Kids love to enjoy in the rain, but avoiding the first shower in the rainy season helps them in preventing from various infections. Try your best that your kid doesn’t get wet in the first rain of the monsoon as it contains mild acid in it and their body temperature tends to fall.

  1. Use Sunglasses to prevent dust storms

Dust particles are the major cause of various eye infections. Dust particles tend to irritate eyes making it red and swollen up. Kids play outside where the risk of dust particle entering eyes is higher.

You can’t lock kids inside without allowing them to play. That’s not done. Sunglasses can prevent their eyes from dust and dirt and they can take full advantage of the season without hampering their happiness.

  1. Prevent the breeding of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Make it a habit of keep changing water in refills and air coolers during monsoon.

The usage of mosquito nets or mosquito repellent prevents your child from mosquito attacks which can cause various infections and if enter eyes trigger itchiness. The condition can turn worse if prevention measures are not taken.

Conclusion on Child Eye Care Tips

Certain eye infections are caused due to external factors in the monsoon. Corneal ulcer, dry eye, conjunctivitis are some very common eye infections in this season.

Little precautions at your end will prevent your child from certain eye infections. Consult a doctor immediately when you notice any redness in your child’s eyes

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