Health Visualization With Vision Board: 5 Steps


Health visualization is creating the result we want to achieve health-wise in our mind’s eye and putting it in a picture form.

Creating a vision board for health visualization is about our health desires and the things we want to achieve in our lives health-wise. This has proven to be super-effective for a lot of people who practice vision boarding.


Vision boarding is a practice that can no doubt help many to manifest their dream health if they put it into practice.

Now, perfect health is a balance between body, mind, emotions, and social well-being.

In reality, we tend to disconnect the body from the mind when we talk about good health.

In the hope that when our body is whole, what happens in our mind is less important.

Contrary to these beliefs, there is deep connection between our body, environment, and well-being.

Ancient science and modern medicine have consistently proven this.

The mind and body are an interconnected system and making positive choices in one area of life will directly benefit other areas as well.

With this in mind, deciding to eat and drink healthy, exercise, meditate and live clean will no doubt impact on our self image, beauty, self confidence, and general health notably.


This is simply the art and science of creating a mental picture of the healthy living habits and lifestyle that you desire first in your mind and then creating a pictorial representation alongside a strategy (the science) to achieving your desired goal!

It is a canvas on your wall created from your mind. With this in mind, it only begins to manifest as you continue to see and think about it.

The art of creating your vision board is you being compassionate, kind, and gentle to yourself by deciding to live and stay healthy by creating a picture of the things you desire to become especially in your healthy living journey.

Your health vision board is a canvas on your wall created from for mind which begins to manifest as you continue to see them explicitly in your mind’s eye and think about it frequently!

The art of creating a vision board for health visualization has worked for others and will work for you if you follow the rules expressly.


So, I’ll be taking us through a 5-step plan to creating a compelling and achievable vision board for health visualization.

These steps are easy breezy, and can help you achieve your dream health!


Get a nice sized black, white, or cardboard that could be hung or pasted to the wall. Demarcate into two equal halves. A left side and a right side.


The subject is health so look through magazines (Lifestyle Or Inspirational ), cookbooks, mentors, recipe books, and so on.

Don’t limit yourself — it’s your board so look for anything that jumps at you and is in line with your health goals.

And the things you have visualized to achieve health-wise. Also, have a supply of pins, markers, gum and stick pins.


This is the most important part of creating a compelling and unique vision board for your health visualization .

Here, you must get clear on whatever it is you want to achieve: weight loss, lifestyle change, healing, ageing gracefully, conception, etc.

What goals do you really desire to achieve from the deepest part of your heart?

These are your intentions for creating a vision board for health visualization.

So, the intention is what determines what you put on your board.


This is the part of the vision board creation exercise where you begin to look through your magazines and cut out pictures in line with your lifestyle and health goals.

Cut out everything that aligns with your goals and leave the ones that do not.

Don’t forget to add phrases and words you desire to manifest in your healthy living journey.

Such words and phrases that you can fix on your vision board may include, “FIT”, “PERFECT BODY”, “FLAT TUMMY”, “CANCER FREE”,  as well as words like, “I DEFEATED ARTHRITIS“,  “I LOST 25 KG”,  “A MUM AT LAST!” etc.

If you do not find such words and phrases in your stack of magazine, create them for yourself by using a marker and plain sheet.

Getting word or phrases to work with is as simple as cutting some piece of white papers into shape, and writing out the words or phrases on them with bright colorful markers.

Phrases are powerful and jump at you each time you look at your board!

With this in mind, use them to spice up your vision board!


It is now time to look through the words, phrases and pictures  you have gathered or created and begin to stick them on your board in a way that feels right to you.

Glue all your content to the board and fill in other words or captions you might want to manifest in your life but couldn’t find on your cut out pictures.

Glue and stick all pictures words and phrases on the left side of your vision board.


Creating the art side of our vision board for health visualization can be so fun as we are excited about the work and the great results we think it could bring.

But the most important part is the science, which is about actualizing the vision.

Some people get so excited about the art and forget the science — which is actually what brings about the results we would have at the end of the day.

The science of vision boarding is actually the process, commitment, and blueprint which we will be used in achieving  the results we envision.

Contrary to some school of thought which says you just create your vision board and watch it manifest, personally, I have had to significantly put in some effort to manifest the things on my vision board.

So the strategy to manifest what you have on your vision board is simply the steps you wish to take to bring to life the things you have envisioned.

If you desire a great body, how many times do you wish to exercise?

What changes would you implement in your eating habit?

What kind of foods would you avoid?

Who are those you need to connect with to help you achieve your goals?

If your goal is to beat cancer, how do you intend to cut out sugar and incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and healthy sugar-free drinks into your diet?

The general basic changes and modifications you need to adopt so you can achieve your ultimate health goals and bring about the picture you have on your board are simple strategies you need to adopt to make things happen!

After we have created the left side of our board, which is the art of  making a vision board for health visualization,  we now have to create the right side.

The right side of our board ultimately has to do with the strategies we would employ in achieving this.

On this side, we bring to life the picture we have formed!


Even though I prefer a physical vision board, they always do not have to be so.

They can be digitally created from apps!

After all, we are in a world saddled with new technological developments daily.

This can be used as your phones screensaver, so you can see it each time you pick up your phone.

However the downside to this type of vision board is that you do not have a strategy side to it!

Also, something I have found very unique, is that a few people I know have used an excel sheet to create their own visualization goals and strategies.

While using a screenshot of their sheet as their screen savers!



  • Wish board (IOS only)
  • Bloom
  • Mind movies
  • Visual App
  • Hay house vision board
  • Subliminal vision board
  • Visual Life, etc.

I hear they are amazing.




It is important to note that we cannot set a time-frame to achieving all the goals we have crafted on our vision board.

Albeit, you can absolutely achieve your visualization goal if you keep holding the vision in your mind and working with your strategies, you will no doubt achieve all that you have envisioned.

Great health is possible and achievable through the simple act of creating a vision board.

Cheers to a healthier, happier you!

Take Charge of your Health and Happiness!