SHRINK FIBROID NATURALLY Without Surgery? (Fibroids Treatment)

Can You SHRINK FIBROID NATURALLY Without Surgery? (Fibroids Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment)

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Uterine fibroids are growths that are found inside or around the womb. Fibroids can be one or many.

They are not cancer; even though sometimes fibroids can transform into cancer, but this is very, very rare and almost never happens!

Fibroids are quite common. Few years ago, about 171 million women were affected.

How do I know I have fibroids?

Most women with fibroids have no symptoms while others may have very painful menses or heavy periods.

Sometimes the fibroid can be so large it will look as if the woman is pregnant

If large enough, fibroids may push on the bladder causing a frequent need to urinate.

Due to pressure effects, fibroids may constipation and bloating, and problems with the kidneys.

Fibroids may also cause pain during sex or lower back pain.

Occasionally (and, surprisingly, this is not as common as people make it), fibroids may make it difficult to become pregnant. (Only about 3% or thereabout

During pregnancy, fibroids may also be the cause of miscarriage, bleeding, premature labor, or affect the position of the baby.

The majority of women with fibroids will have normal pregnancy.

If it is large enough, it can be felt by touching the abdomen.

However, ultrasound scan is the standard way of checking or diagnosis of fibroids.

What causes fibroids?

The exact cause of uterine fibroids is not clear, but it is partly genetic (run in families); partly due to hormone levels; and partly due to lifestyle, (e.g. obesity and childlessness increase the risk).

Also there is an increased risk of having fibroid if you are obese, eat red meat, have polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, and if you have never given birth before.

shrink fibroid naturally

Can one shrink fibroid naturally? Can fibroids be treated without surgery?


Surprisingly, treatment is usually not needed if there are no symptoms or you don’t feel anything

[tweetthis]Surprisingly, treatment is usually not needed for fibroid if there are no symptoms or you don’t feel anything[/tweetthis]

Are there ways to treat or shrink fibroid naturally?

Well, after menopause, fibroids shrink on their own

So, you can simply watch and wait…

Because uterine fibroids are more common in obese women, weight control and staying fit will help

Diets high in fruits and vegetables tend to lower the risk of developing fibroids.

Fruits, especially oranges and its family are even more protective

Normal Vitamin D in diet reduces the risk of developing fibroids.

Managing stress will most likely improve the condition

Some people say they have achieved success with green tea, Apple cider vinegar, moringa, and some healthy tea and herbs — and shrink fibroid naturally!

Well, there are no reliable scientific data to back these, but there is no harm in trying especially since those are healthy substances.

However, it may not be wise to depend on those entirely

And by the way, I have articles and videos on the health benefits of apple cider vinegar and moringa.

What are some medical treatments?

Simple drugs like ibuprofen may help with pain and bleeding while paracetamol may help with pain.

Drugs containing iron may help those with heavy menses flow.

Levonorgestrel intrauterine devices and Oral contraceptive pills may reduce uterine bleeding and cramps.

There are drugs that can shrink and decrease the size of the fibroids but are usually expensive and have significant side effects.

Sometimes, if serious symptoms are present, sadly, surgery to remove the fibroid or even the womb may be the only solution

There are some advanced treatment techniques like blocking the blood supply the womb and fibroid and using Ultrasound to destroy the fibroid — advanced and expensive techniques!

There you have it!

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