making call while charging phone

QUESTION: Is making call while charging phone always dangerous? Are all the photos and videos I see on the Internet really true?


Excuse me! Yes, I see the pictures & the news trending all over the internet! But, I am allergic to sugar-coated lies & half-truths!

I hate news that make people live in unnecessary & baseless fear! That’s why I address several common¬†health¬†lies on this blog-site and my Facebook group.

And, one of my patients asked me about this last night. I answered him.

They said making or receiving calls while charging your phones could make it explode & shock (& electrocute) you causing severe burns & even death.

Hmmmmm… .

Okay, one should never say “never”; but the possibility of having a phone explode & you getting physically hurt is ridiculously low.


Very low!

“Experts say the likelihood of someone being electrocuted by a smartphone, even while the device is charging, is very, very low.

For one, phones charged from a USB cord have a supply voltage of about 5 volts, not enough to severely harm a person.” — CNN

Fake batteries can explode (even when not making calls); faulty phones (with messed up wiring say after a fall or it was dropped); bad electrical wiring; and so on…

All this can occasionally harm you. BUT, it’s very rare.

So, now, what?

To be on a safe side, unplug your smartphones when making calls; but don’t go about living in unnecessary fear because the likelihood is very low.

[tweetthis]To be on a safe side, unplug your phones when making calls; but don’t go about living in unnecessary fear![/tweetthis]

I hope this gives the healthy balance and accurate answer (about making call while charging phone) that we all desire and deserve.