drink 8 glasses of water a day

QUESTION: Must I drink 8 glasses of water a day? How many cups of water should I drink in a day?


No! You mustn’t! The “number 8” is just a rough guide. Truth is, your body might require MORE or LESS, depending on the amount of water in the foods and fruits you eat; type and amount of activities you do; the weather condition; your heath, etc.

The key is: let thirst guide you — and how much water you take in a day. Obey your thirst. If you are thirsty, then your body needs water — go and drink WATER, and not Coke!

Another rough guide is to observe you urine! If it’s as dark as (or darker than) “La casera” apple juice drink, and if it’s smelly, you need water — go drink some water!

Just as you could drink too little water, you could also drink too much water! It is called water intoxication! The good news is, it is quite rare! Bad news is, if it happens, it is deadly! It is sometimes seen in water-drinking competitions; or drinking too much water (and too quickly) after strenuous activity or exercise. The person collapses (and might die), and people will be saying the water was poisoned! No be poison o!

Anyways, obey your thirst…and don’t keep yourself thirsty for long!

And, again, No! You mustn’t drink 8 glasses of water a day! Just stay hydrated.