lack of sex side effects

QUESTION: Can lack of sex cause health problems in men? Any negative effects on the body for not having sex?


No! Not exactly!

And, online, I see articles like: “Lack of Sex Side Effects”! Really?!

This is one of the myth men use to have their way! The so-called “accumulation” or “congestion” of sperm and semen causing sickness is a big lie! There’s nothing like that.

The body knows how to naturally get rid of excesses. “Wet dreams” are thought to be one of such God-given mechanisms. Long periods of abstinence doesn’t cause any serious health problem.

We know that there are health benefits of intercourse, however lack of it doesn’t cause any sickness, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low performance, or infertility.

“Blue balls” — that slight pressure and pain men feel in lower abdomen and testes when they have unrelieved sexual feelings –are not life-threatening, and they are only temporary.

[tweetthis]”Blue balls” is not life-threatening. It’s a harmless dull pain — and only temporary![/tweetthis]

Engagement in other activities and vigorous exercises will remove such dull pains and make you feel better, emotionally.

Sex is not critical for survival, neither are the sex organs vital for life!

You could go into the theater, have your sex organs removed, and walk out…smiling! We have priests, celibates, monks, and ascetics. We hear about castration of eunuchs. Yet, all these people are alive and well, without regular sex.

In fact, many married men, weigh down by work pressures and family problems go for, sometimes, months “without”. Except for some few cases of “sex addiction” and dependence, men, generally, can live without sex! Period!