How to Use Affirmations and Positive Confessions to Improve Your Health and Happiness



What they said, they got

Have you at any time sat to listen to powerful and influential people speak for at least 15 minutes? You can almost say that it is impossible not to be stirred by their words and in many cases, their actions and antecedents. Put aside their words… also put aside the power of their oratory styles… I want you to pay attention to a common pattern; they say what they believe and what they believe manifests in their very lives. We see the evidence of their talk.

When we hear people quote positive statements or motivational messages, we wonder why these statements don’t work for us. My first experience with affirmations was with Les Brown, in 2010. I stumbled on a session of his via YouTube and I was stirred.

The irony with affirmations is that:

  • Affirmations will most times challenge what your mind is comfortable with. We make statements that sound unreal or like we are ‘faking it’.
  • Affirmations will come across as living in self-denial. Like you are pretending and running away from reality.
    Well, the real power of affirmations requires that you:
  • Say what you REALLY want… even when it does not make sense to you, initially.
  • Say it repeatedly until your mind becomes accustomed to the exact way you want to feel.
  • Feel as though what you said has already happened. Ignore who believes or who agrees. If your mind has agreed with your position, so be it.

Your Mind Is Created To Debate and Argue

It is not all that you articulate that you would achieve, unfortunately. What we actually achieve is what our MINDs & EMOTIONS concur with. This is what is called Congruence. Whenever you have a mental picture of what you want, there must be an emotional agreement within you that you have received it. That is the basis upon which the law of attraction is invoked and then over time, you’d see it manifest. I speak from both personal and remote (other people’s) experiences.

Let me use an illustration that all of us can relate with. A desire for sexual intercourse or sexual activity is what happens to all human beings. We get in the ‘mood’ sometimes without it solicited from our bodies. However, you will agree with me that THINKING about sex does not get you in the mood. Not until you dwell on the thought and create a feeling or craving, you do not get aroused and be in the mood for sex. What this means is that FEELINGS determine our resultant action. For every thought, there must be a correlating feeling in the direction of the thought before we get ‘in the mood’ for what we think about and want.

Learning HOW to WRITE and SAY your own affirmations is very crucial if you will develop the ability to make this a lifestyle. It is essential that you make this a habit until it becomes a lifestyle.

To write affirmations, the following tips will help:

• Be specific about what the affirmations should address. For instance, my affirmations album consists of affirmations for building teenagers, overcoming Insomnia, mastering fear, growing wealthy, etc. Be clear what it will fix.
• Create the exact end picture that you TRULY want. Imagine what it is when it has already happened… these mental pictures will guide you towards creating the literal words.
• Elicit statements that demonstrate the experience in your imagination in (2) above. Write as many statements as you can, even when it feels impossible.
• Write these statements in PAST or PRESENT tense, not future tense. Always demonstrate that it has happened or it is happening; not it will happen.
• Verbalize these words and place them everywhere you can… keep absorbing them until you totally feel very comfortable that all said is all believed. Make up your mind that you have received it and keep this decision absolute until you receive it.

Now, because the human mind is first logical than gullible (it is the heart that is first gullible before being logical), you would find out that every NEW information being introduced to the mind is met with an ARGUMENT or a DEBATE. The mind, rightly, wants to JUSTIFY and QUESTION why what is new is so…

Accelerate Your Confessions

This is why many affirmations are practiced and uttered in a fast pace. Fast paced affirmations are deliberately unleashed on the mind so as to SCRAMBLE its arguments. The power of fast paced, spoken affirmations is that STORMING the known recesses of your conscious awareness TOTALLY PARALYSES the conscious resistance that is associated with the human mind.

The secret to enjoying affirmations include:

• Listening to the fast paced lyrics REPEATEDLY.
• Upon learning the lyrics, SAY the words out loud.
• Continue until your mind is comfortable with (no more resistant to) the affirmations.

This is when you have won the mind battle.

Remember, mental effort (THINK it) + emotional input (FEEL it) + Verbal attempts (SAY it) = Certainty of results (GET it).

Listen to a free sample affirmation here:

Excerpts from FEARLESS SEED [Chapter 8: Affirmations Reloaded!]



Samuel Obafemi is a Behavioral Change Advisor. He is the FIRST Nigerian Certified Anger Mastery Coach and Therapist from Century Anger Management Institute (USA), and a Certified Peak Performance, Business and Life Coach (NCFE, UK). Sam is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, an Ericksonian Hypnosis Expert, Results Coach & Results Technologies Advisor.

He is the Author of several Books including My Valleys, and SALT LAKE THERAPY: Healing Yourself through Emotional Immunity. His Audio CDs titled “Anger Mastery” and “Emotional Intelligence” are in very high demand across Nigerian cities.

He is the Recipient of the Nigerian Youth Merit Awards in the EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP Category 2013.