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Sexual intimacy is an important aspect – if not the most important aspect — like the engine-room — of any love-relationship. It functions beyond mere pleasure – it connects at all levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional, and so on.  It is like a lubricant, an engine-oil, that makes smooth running of the relationship and makes it easy to manage challenges, overcome differences, and solve problems.

There are different types of sexual problems that people suffer from. I call them “little monsters in the bedroom”! They destroy a lot! These sexual problems affects one’s self-esteem, relationships, and performance in other aspects of life.

In my sex therapy sessions, I address people’s sex problems, solve them, and help them start enjoying their sex lives.

10 Common Sex-Problems

#1: Premature Ejaculation

In premature ejaculation, which is a very common problem in men, the man ejaculates before he (or his partner) wants. He cums either before penetration or soon after penetration (commonly within one minute of penetration). If it happens once in a while, it isn’t a problem; but if it becomes frequent, then you will require the help of a sex therapist. Premature ejaculation causes frustration and low self esteem,and negatively affects relationships and marriages.

I have written several articles on this, recorded podcasts, written books, and designed programs to help men overcome premature ejaculation.

#2: Weak Erection and Erectile Dysfunction

Some men find it very difficult to get and maintain a firm or strong penile erection — strong enough to make sex possible and enjoyable. It is very frustrating and embarrassing, and affects ones love life adversely. If it happens once in a while, it isn’t a problem; but if it becomes frequent, then you will require the help of a sex therapist.

I help men discover the underlying causes of weak erection and help them fix it.

#3: Low libido or lack of sexual drive

This is more common in women and is a major cause of extramarital sex. A women’s sex drive fluctuates and is affected by many factors. If it becomes consistently low and is affecting the love relationship, then help has to be sought from a sex therapist to help improve the sex life.

It also affects men.

#4: Painful Sex And Dyspareunia

Sex is not supposed to be painful. if it is, there is something wrong somewhere. There a myriad of causes of painful sex ranging from insufficient lubrication through vaginal infections to psychological problems. Most times, the help of a sex therapist is needed to discover the causes and fix them.

#5: Inability to Achieve Orgasm and Orgasmic Dysfunction

Orgasm or achieving sexual climax is the beauty of sexual intimacy. Unfortunately, about 10% of women have never known how it feels! And a large percentage of women usually experience difficulty achieving orgasm — it is a rare experience to them. It is not good. The male partner usually feels emasculated and may develop low self esteem.

I have helped changed the story of many couples.

#6: Recovery from Rape, Sexual Abuse, or Sexual Assault

The trauma from rape or sexual abuse can remained deeply buried in the psyche and affects one’s sex life in very strange ways. The sex problems arising from such traumas are the most difficult to solve. but it isn’t impossible. With proper psychoanalytic methods and psychotherapy, the healing begins…and the sex life drastically improves.

#7: Infertility

The inability of a couple to get pregnant and give birth despite regular unprotected sex is one of the most devastating situation any couple would ever face! Some of the causes of infertility are obvious and can be easily fixed; others require patience and expensive medical interventions. Whatever the case, most couples trying to conceive will be able to smile again.

#8: Poor Sexual Performance

General poor sexual performance is largely due to poor sex skills. I have been able to help turn around several couples sex lives for good by showing them some simple but powerful sex tips and sex tricks.

#9: Sexual Addiction and Promiscuity

Just as people get addicted to drugs and alcohol, there are some people that are helplessly addicted to sex. I help such people by taking them through a step-by-step recovery plan.

#10: Sexual Fetishes and Sexual Disorders (like Pedophilia)

Even though not as common as other sexual problems, there are some abnormal and strange sexual behaviors that some people display that require the attention of a sex therapist. These sexual disorders could affect one and prevent normal sexual relationships. Fortunately, there are helpful treatment methods to help reduce dependence on the fetish and to improve normal sexual relations.

Others sex therapy services I render include addressing: Anxiety about sex, fear of sex, lack of confidence in the bedroom, questions about sexual orientation (homosexuality, transgender, and so on)

Now, What?

As I always tell my clients in my sex therapy sessions, sex shouldn’t be good – it should be great. Great sex is not repetitive; it is dynamic, adventurous, and evolving. It involves trying out new, fresh ideas to constantly remove boredom and predictability and infuse fun and adventures. There is prolonged foreplay, multiple orgasms and mutual satisfaction.

Do you have any sexual problem? Do you have a question you want answered? Any concern, fear, or trauma? Don’t just neglect your sex life thinking it is no big deal! Don’t ignore any challenge you are having in the bedroom. Do something about it; because it won’t just go away on its own.

Let me help you. Go to my Sex Therapy Page and contact me.

Wishing you nothing less than a robust, enjoyable sex life!