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Most people want to lose weight. However, there are others who want to gain weight. Some ladies want to gain some curves and flesh (especially in certain parts of their bodies!) Some times, being too skinny might not be attractive (to some people)!

Also, medically, being underweight is bad. It has certain health issues associated with it. If you Body Mass Index (B.M.I) is less than 18.5, you are underweight, and for medical reasons, at least, you need to add some weight!

I taught you how to calculate your BMI some time ago! I won’t repeat it! [#Tongue out]

It is important to note that gaining weight may be easy for some people (and difficult for others) depending on the genes, body types, and lifestyle.

There are dangerous and unhealthy ways to gain weight!

If you stuff, fill, and load yourself with all sorts of fries and fatty foods, drinking all sorts of soft drinks, and eating all sorts of processed foods; and living a sedentary lifestyle (where you reduce movement and physical activities to the minimum)…you will gain weight; but you won’t be healthy! It is an unhealthy way to gain weight. You will be at a risk of all sort of diseases including diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, arthritis, obesity, etc.

So, you see, it is important to gain weight fast — the healthy way: by eating healthy foods and developing healthy lifestyle.

[shareable]It is important to gain weight fast — the healthy way: by eating healthy foods & developing healthy lifestyle.[/shareable]

NOW, do the following if you want to gain weight fast:

#1: Eat More Food

If you want to gain weight, you have to eat MORE – more than you eat at the moment. If you are full while eating, squeeze some more food in! Increase the size of food you eat. If you eat 20 spoons of rice, you have to increase it, gradually, –to say, 30 spoons or more! Change the size of your plate to bigger ones –and the size of your cups too! Add some extra. Go for another round of meal. Add spices to improve your appetite. Also, take multivitamins drugs daily to improve you appetite.

#2: Eat More Protein

If you want to add more weight, you must eat more of body-building foods. This is where high-protein foods come to play. You must eat more and more of high-protein meals because you want to add muscles (flesh) and not just unhealthy fat in your tummy! Concentrate of foods that have high amount of protein: meats, beans, fish, eggs, milk (and dairy products like yoghurt), and so on.

#3: Eat More Frequently

If you want to put on some flesh you can’t afford to let yourself get hungry (even for a moment)! You would avoid fasting! You will eat frequently; in fact, every 2 hours, make sure you eat something! If you usually eat 3 times a day, you will have to increase it to 5, 6, or more time! The formula is simple: to gain weight, you have to eat more frequently to avoid getting hungry even for a moment!

#4: Reduce Certain Foods

If you need more weight you have to reduce foods that fill your stomach and reduce the space you will need for high-protein foods. Reduce the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat; because they have the capacity of occupying space! Replace fruits and vegetables with more protein foods. Water also fills the stomach; don’t drink water before eating. Instead of drinking water, drink milk!

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#5: Lift Heavy Weights

If you want to add weight, you should avoid exercise meant for those who want to lose weight! Avoid running, brisk-walking, skipping, cycling, etc. Concentrate on exercises that will increase muscle bulk and increase the size of your body. Do push ups, squats, stretches, crunches, and lift weights. If you need help, talk to a gym instructor. I can’t overemphasis the need of these in gaining more weight. If done correctly, contrary to what you may think, you will add weight and increase in size. If you don’t exercise, you will accumulate unhealthy fat. Exercise will ensure you add muscles and not just fat.

It is very important to repeat that different people will have different results (depending on a lot of personal factors). However, if these 5 steps are done regularly and consistently, you will definitely gain weight — and gain weight fast.

The key is consistency

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