how to tweet


#1: “Weight loss products & programs have about 98% failure rate bcos they’re designed, primarily, to make money for the industry!” @withdrmalik

#2: “Listening to music at high volumes (& dancing) can help you become calmer, happier, & more relaxed.” @withdrmalik

#3: “The common idea that we use only 10% of the brain is a big lie—actually, we use almost everything!” @withdrmalik

#4: “If you directly eat the same amount of sugar found in a can of Coke, you will vomit uncontrollably.” @withdrmalik

#5: “Flushing your toilet actually sends fecal matter & other bacteria flying! It’s better to flush with the lid covered.” @withdrmalik

#6: “Ladies lose their virginity the most during February, June, & December.” @withdrmalik

7: “Long-distance rships are difficult to maintain. Averagely, many long-distance rships break up after 5 months!” @withdrmalik

#8: “Many cigarette smokers have a difficult time achieving & maintaining penile erection.” @withdrmalik

#9: “Do you know that: Right now, you’re looking at your nose, but your brain chooses to ignore it?” @withdrmalik

#10: Do you feel sick & feel like vomiting whenever you are traveling in a car or plane? Do you know WHY & WHAT TO DO? Read this:

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