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Why would one write on “how to feel beautiful”? Is it really that important if one feels attractive or not? Is it even possible to change one’s body image – the way one sees oneself?

Many people suffer from low self-esteem, depression, constant emotional stress, inferiority complex, and many other psychological disorders due to poor body image – they don’t feel beautiful; they don’t feel attractive. And this in turn affects every other aspect of their lives — love-life, social life, job, and even physical health!

It is important that you feel beautiful. It is important you feel attractive and comfortable in your skin. But, first…


If the reason why you take a hundred selfies in a day is to validate your own beauty, I am sorry to say that you are doing it the wrong way — you have lost it and you have not found it yet! You have not found the true meaning of the word “Beautiful”. We have lost the meaning of beauty because the society made us believe that the tall, slim lady with straight legs, a flawless face, pointed nose, attractive dimples, curvy hips, fleshy back-side, is the only one that is beautiful.

It has become an industry. They organize beauty pageants and select one as the most beautiful girl while you agree, (or disagree with their choice if you feel some other girl in the competition should have won). But you are also suffering from the same dose of ignorance because being beautiful has nothing to do with how or what you look like. It has nothing to do with the flawless face or the well-curved behind. Beauty, first, has to do with you!

The beauty competitions, subconsciously, subtly, tell you that you are not beautiful and consequently not good enough. Musicians sing about having “figure 8” and because you don’t have it you do not count yourself as beautiful. A guy says you are fat and you spend months checking yourself up using every available mirror you can find and disturbing everyone that comes across your way asking, “am I still fat”? The society worships ladies with the hour-glass appearance!

If I ask you to choose the most beautiful out of five women you most likely will rush towards the one that is the most visually appealing. After giving birth, you resign to fate and say to yourself “I used to be beautiful but for this pregnancy and childbirth”. You are not beautiful — not because you are fat, or have a scar or any other bodily defect; you are not beautiful because you don’t see that you are!

When you feel less of yourself because of a defect on your body you are definitely not beautiful yet. No matter how beautiful your body is today it will lose shape someday; your breasts will sag whether you like it or not; you will get wrinkles on your face and hands; and you will lose the touch of finesse your body used to command. But that should not worry you because your body is not what makes you beautiful but how you feel and what you believe about yourself.

Your childbirth or so-called defect is not a curse but a blessing. The way you look is important but how you feel about yourself is much more important. By all means take care of your body, take a selfie, and flaunt your great legs if you’ve got it! Show off if you like but DO NOT let that define you because that is not true beauty. True beauty is from within you.

It is the way you feel about your life as a whole. The way you carry yourself. The way you talk. The values you exude. The smile on your face. The positive knowledge you have acquired. And, ultimately, the greatness of your purpose in life. These qualities will make you smile instead of moody. They will make you friendly instead of hostile, approachable instead of distant. They will make men rush to converse with you instead of wanting to get in your pants.

Redefine your beauty because the world is yours to conquer.

Meanwhile, a little on the practical sides of things, like a take-home, here are few tips to help you feel beautiful. Don’t just read them — practice them (even if you already feel beautiful –it will only but make you feel more beautiful!)


1. Smile a lot. Smiling improves the physical appearance. You appear more attractive. Always put on a happy face. And make sure it comes from the heart – and it’s genuine. Take care of your teeth – it should look good and smell good. Smiling makes you feel good — and beautiful.

2. Watch your posture. Sit up. Stand tall. Chest out, slightly. Through your shoulders back, slightly. Walk tall and straight. Hold your head high. Apart from the health benefits —and the fact that it prevents unnecessary body aches (due to bad posture) – it will make you feel confident and beautiful.

3. Breathe properly. Breathe deeply. Take slow, deep breaths … from the abdomen. It connects you to yourself – you feel yourself and appreciate yourself. Also, learn to be grateful for each breath. Practice the attitude of gratitude

4. Exercise regularly. And dance (to loud music) once in a while. Apart from the health benefits, exercise make you look better, helps you adopt a better posture, and helps you feel better – by releasing chemicals that literally make you feel good (and beautiful)

5. Think positive and powerful thoughts. Think only thoughts that make you feel happy and beautiful. Our thoughts determine our feelings. Change the game. Speak to yourself. Every day, stand before a mirror, look into your eyes, call you name out loud and say: “I look great. I feel great”. Do this regularly.

6. Give attention to your physical appearance. Take care of your hair — always well groomed and healthy. Watch your nails — keep them clean and attractive. Take care of your skin. Smell sweet –get good perfumes, body sprays, and roll-on. Dress well — where sizes and colors that fit your body type and skin complexion.

Truth is, as you would have noticed, I can only tell you how to feel beautiful…but the actual “feeling” is up to you to do! You have to decide; you have to choose. You can choose to feel beautiful —here and now!

You are beautiful. Tell the world. SHARE!


CONTRIBUTOR: Gabriel Olatunji-Legend is a Transformational Writer. He runs his own business, writes inspirational content [on] and tweets [@OlatunjiLEGEND]. Send him an e-mail []. Join him on BBM: 2BAC2A15