health tweets

Health tweets…

#1: “Surprisingly, smoking cigarettes is more harmful to the physical health than smoking weed.” @withdrmalik

#2: “Penis & breast enlargement is only possible by surgery. Any other methods are either fake, temporary, or dangerous!” @withdrmalik

#3: “You’re not as nice & caring as you think you are! Psychologist proved that we tend to overestimate ourselves in this aspect!” @withdrmalik

#4: “If you feel tears about to come out & want to hold them back, relax your jaw & try to stop blinking.” @withdrmalik

#5: “Pistanthrophobia is the fear of trusting people due to emotional pains from past relationships.” @withdrmalik

#6: “Lovers who spend time laughing together (like watching comedy) tend to have a stronger relationship.” @withdrmalik

#7: “Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder is color blind! Facebook is blue because that’s the color he sees best.” @withdrmalik

#8: “Regular exercise tends to improve sex drive, desire, and performance.” @withdrmalik

#9: “Plushophilia is having romantic attraction & sexual satisfaction from stuffed animals (like Teddy bears)!” @withdrmalik

#10: “Does masturbation affect my health?” See medical answer here:

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