Health tips and health tweets

Health tips and health tweets…

#1: “It is now obvious that, for most people, the faster you eat your food, the more weight you gain.” @withdrmalik

#2: “If you try to prevent or suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head/neck & die!” @withdrmalik

#3: “Erotomania is a delusion where the person believes that another person is in love with him or her.” @withdrmalik

#4: “Singing together, like in a choir, makes it easier for people to be emotionally attached & attracted to one another.” @withdrmalik

#5: “If a guy wakes up with an erection in the morning, it is a good sign of sexual health & penile function.” @withdrmalik

#6: “If you stand up too fast & feel dizzy & black out, tighten the muscles of your abdomen & legs (calf) as hard as you can.” @withdrmalik

#7: “Cracking your fingers doesn’t hurt your bones or cause arthritis. The sound you hear is gas bubbles bursting inside your fingers!” @withdrmalik

#8: “Many cigarette smokers have a difficult time achieving & maintaining penile erection.” @withdrmalik

#9: “When your stomach makes loud noises in public, relax & push out your tummy as if you have pot-belly, the noise will stop or reduce.” @withdrmalik

#10: Is eating indomie noodles harmful or healthy? This scientific answer will shock you. Click: @withdrmalik

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