MTM 013: 40 Health Lies: 10 Lies they Tell You about Weight Loss

 Ten Weight Loss Lies. This is the last episode of the series on “40 Health Lies”, and in this episode we will look at 10 Weight Loss Lies they tell you!


weight loss lies

Lie #1: Eating late at night will make you add weight (and tummy fat)

Lie! Some so-called weight loss and fitness experts tell you eating after 6pm or after 8pm will make you add weight and gain tummy fat! It is not true! It doesn’t matter if you eat by 9am or 9pm — the difference in digestion and metabolism is not significant enough to cause extra weight gain. If you add weight (while regularly eating late at nights), it is because you are eating too much — throughout the day and also at night— and, most importantly, because you are eating unhealthy foods.

Lie #2: You must go to the gym every day to lose weight

Not true! You don’t need a gym; you just need to move! And it mustn’t be everyday — simply move, doing what you love, at least 3 times a week, consistently. You also need more than exercise to lose weight — you need to eat healthy!

Lie #3: Exercise is more important than dieting for weight loss

No way! Exercise is not more important than dieting, and dieting is not more important than exercise. You need both to achieve healthy weight loss and maintain a healthy weight.

Lie #4: There is a single weight loss program and product that you need

Not at all! You see several companies waving weight loss programs and products — do not fall for just anything! You don’t need a program; you need to develop healthy habits that you can incorporate into your daily life. You need more than a few weeks program — you need something you can sustain all your life.

Lie #5: Stop eating fat completely and you will lose weight

Noooo! It seems logical to the non-scientific mind that eating fat and fatty meals leads to weight gain, and to take care of that, remove fat completely from the meals. Weight gain and loss is more complex than that. There are other causes of weight gain and truth is you need some amount of fat and oils to be healthy.

Lie #6: Some foods can burn fats and make you lose weight

You hear some weight loss bloggers and fitness coaches write claiming some foods burn fats! No food can burn fats. Some foods are healthy and are better handled by the body than others. But food burning fat? No way!

Lie #7: Drinking water is the greatest way to lose weight

Na lie! Water is important but it doesn’t burn calories. Water doesn’t cause weight gain or weight loss. We advise it because drinking water is a healthy habit, helps digestion, and makes you feel full.

Lie #8: Skipping meals is a great way to lose weight

No! Skipping meals is bad for your health and may lead to malnutrition. To lose weight , you need eat healthy and move regularly. In fact, you might need to eat more frequently — adding snacks in between main meals.

Lie #9: Losing weight fast is harmless

Not true! It unhealthy, even if you can, to alter your body weight drastically over a short period. You gained it gradually and so it is logical an natural to lose it gradually. If you lose it fast, you will regain it fast!

Lie #10: There is a weight loss plan that works for every body

No! We all have different body types and metabolism. Two people might eat same meals and same way and yet gain weight differently. What works for one person might not work for another. Every person needs their own personalized weight loss plan.


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