MTM 012: 40 Health Lies: 10 Lies your Doctor sometimes Tells You!

Ten Lies your Doctor sometimes Tells You! This is the 3rd episode of the 40 health lies series. [See episode 1 and episode 2 below]


lie your doctor sometimes tells you

Now, 10 lies your doctor sometimes tells you!

The very important word here is “sometimes”. We are not saying that anytime you hear your doctor say these statements, then he must be lying! No, don’t get it wrong! We are saying that, sometimes, in some situations, when doctors say these things they are actually lying.

Here is an outline of the lies your doctor sometimes tells you. I don’t want to distract you from getting the real gist by typing out how and when they tell these lies. To get the context, download the audio podcast above and listen. You will enjoy it.

#1: You need to do some tests

#2: This drug will take care of everything!

#3: I have to examine you!

#4: There’s nothing wrong with you!

#5: It is not that bad!

#6: I do these things I tell you!

#7: Keep talking — I am listening

#8: We did our best!

#9: Don’t worry — I know what to do!

#10: I have seen your case before!



Download (above) and listen to get details on all we have said on lies your doctor sometimes tells you…and more.

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