MTM 010: 40 Health Lies: Lies about 10 Things Nigerians Love to Eat and Drink

40 Health Lies. This is a new series on The Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. ‘Malik) Show. In this first episode, we will be looking at 10 things that Nigerians love to eat and drink…and the lies that I hear people tell about them.


health lies

Here is the outline of the 10 health lies. To get the details of the health lies and the corresponding truth, download (above) and listen.

Lie #1: Eating indomie noodles is harmful and causes cancer!

Lie #2: “Kpomo” [processed cow hide and skin, eaten as meat] is nutritionally useless and medically harmful.

Lie #3: Eating too much “Garri” causes eye pain, short-sightedness, and color blindness.

Lie #4: Eating too much sugar, sweetened foods, and sugary things is the cause of diabetes.

Lie #5: “Agbo” [Popular African herbal concoction] is very effective and harmless.

Lie #6: Drinking cold water after meals causes cancer.

Lie #7: Eating honey is healthier and safer than eating sugar.

Lie #8: Drinking Coke is the same as drinking Fanta, Sprite, and other soft drinks.

Lie #9: Eating too much salt is the cause of hypertension.

Lie #10: Pepper has no nutritional value and adds nothing to the body.

These are all lies—serious health lies! Take note!

10 health lies down…30 more to go. Keep listening… .


Download (above) and listen to get details on all we have said…and more.

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