MTM 011: 40 Health Lies: 10 Lies People Tell about Ladies’ Period and Menses [PODCAST]

Ten Health Lies about Ladies Menses. This is the 2nd episode of the “40 Health Lies series” on The Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. ‘Malik) Show. Today, we are looking at 1o health lies about ladies menses (and the corresponding health truths).


health lies about ladies menses

It is uncertain why people lie about menstruation! Maybe it is because of the general feeling towards “blood”; maybe it is because ladies bleed every month and still look normal…I don’t know! Some of these health lies about ladies menses are surprising (and shocking); others are funny (and hilarious); and yet, a few, are dangerous!

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10 Health Lies about Ladies Menses

Lie #1: It is unhealthy to have sex during menses!

Truth: It is not unhealthy. It is not harmful. It might be uncomfortable, as some people see it as “unhygienic” and “unclean”. But, it is okay. In fact, it helps relieve menstrual cramps in some ladies; and it has several other health benefits (that I won’t tell you!). So, if you are comfortable with it, carry on!

Lie #2: Taking pain medicine for menstrual cramps is bad!

Truth: No, it is not bad. There is nothing wrong with that! Wait…why is it bad? If there is pain, kill the pain. It doesn’t make you less of a woman. It doesn’t make the pain in the next period worse. And, don’t worry: you won’t get used to it. Be free. In fact, doctors advise it; we recommend and prescribe it.

Lie #3: Menstrual Cramps is caused by eating too much sugar or sugary things!

Truth: No, it is not exactly true! Even though, some ladies observe that the menstrual cramps gets worse with eating of sweetened foods, that is not the direct cause of the cramps. I don’t want to go into the pathophysiology and aetiology of dysmenorrhea — and prostaglandins and fallopian tubes! Hehehehe…

Lie #4: Some pregnant ladies still menstruate!

Truth: It is not possible to menstruate while pregnant. Yes, some ladies experience bleeding during early pregnancy, but it is not menstrual bleeding. There are several causes of vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy, but it can’t be menstruation. Go to the hospital; there might be a problem somewhere!

Lie #5: The blood makes it easier to get pregnant during menses!

Truth: No! It doesn’t! It doesn’t work that way! In fact, it is very, very difficult to get pregnant during menses. For most ladies — those who have about 28-day cycle — the menses period is a safe period! Pregnancy during menses occurs in rare situations where the lady has a short cycle (say, 21-day cycle) and many days of bleeding. It is not common.

Lie #6: Every lady must see her period once every month!

Truth: No, not exactly! Yes, it is a monthly event for most ladies. Most ladies have a 28-day cycle (or there about) — and so, see their period once every month. That is normal. What is normal for other ladies is: they see their period every 21 days; and others see it every 35 days; and, yet others, any day in-between! All normal!

Lie #7: The blood lost every month has to be replaced!

Truth: No, it doesn’t! Generally, for normal situations, the amount of blood lost is not as much as it seems. It is about 4-12 spoonfuls (or half a cup) of blood! [I feel like a vampire! Lol!]  There is no need taking blood medicine or eating any special diets. Except, of course, if there is excessive bleeding.

Lie #8: The fact that a lady menstruate means that she is fertile!

Truth: Hmmm…not always true! A lady could be menstruating while she is still infertile and barren. [Download (above) to get details]

Lie #9: You should be worried if your menses and cycle is different from other ladies’ menses and cycles!

Truth: No, you shouldn’t! Menses is unique for every lady. You should instead ask yourself for what has been consistent and ‘normal” for you. They number of days in your cycle. The number of days you bleed. The number of sanitary pads you use per day. That is “your normal”  (if it falls within the range of the standard medical normal, sha!)

Lie #10: You should always be worried if your menses changes

Truth: Hmmmm…no, you shouldn’t! [To know why not, download podcast…and listen!]


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