MTM 008: Why Men Cheat: Weak Character and Relationship Conflicts cause Cheating (and 4 ways to improve).

Why Men Cheat! This is the 3rd part of the Why Men Cheat series on The Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. ‘Malik) Show. This week, we continue to see deep reasons why a man might decide to cheat on his woman. And we look at the effect of weak character, poor communication, and relationship conflicts as major forces that “push” a man outside the love-relationship or marriage.


why men cheat

No matter how we turn it, justify it, or generalize it (that “all men cheat”), cheating boils down to one fact: poor (or weak) character. A man—be it a president, a pastor, or a poor-man—cheats due to flaws, defects, or problems in his character. He has a bad character, to put it raw and blunt. Because there are some men that will never cheat on their partners, we know that, and can boldly say that, the strongest cause of cheating is not the male personality, but poor (or weak) character! This is why men cheat.

Men that are more likely to cheat have certain character traits. They tend to have low moral values, weak will (and inability to say “no” to tempting situations), and more liberal view of life (and relationship). They are usually less religious. They could be selfish, greedy, stubborn, and inconsiderate. They are usually good with words (and have a way of convincing their partner to forgive them, again and again). They are hardly contented with what they have, and find it difficult to keep to their words, promises, and agreement.

Apart from the character of the man, the ladies attitude is, equally, very important. [ A lot was said about this. Download (above) to know what was said…and why!]

Suggestions: 4 ways to reduce the chances of your man cheating on you!

#1: Introduce, constantly, frequently, fresh and exciting ideas and experiences into you love-relationship and home.

#2: Help your man (if he really wants to) improve his character and attitude towards the relationship. You can’t change him; you can only help him—by providing a loving and supportive atmosphere for change to happen.

#3: As a lady, improve on your attitudes. Cut out the nagging and complaining. Speak positive, loving, and supportive words only. Initiate (and demand) for sex, frequently and more often. Support your man’s work and business. Lose weight. Take care of your physical appearance, even more…and so on.

#4: Be your partner’s best friend (and make your partner your best friend). Let the communication become warmer, deeper, and tighter—talk about everything and anything!

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Next week, we will continue on more reasons why men cheat!


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