MTM 007: Why Men Cheat: Reducing Cheating by Understanding the Male Personality and Sexual Pattern

This is the 2nd part of the series — Why Men Cheat — that we started last week, on The Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. ‘Malik) Show. Last week, we saw 5 Strange Facts about Cheating. From this week, we will start looking at the underlying reasons why a man might decide to cheat, and start giving tips to help reduce the chances of a man cheating on his partner.


why men cheat

Note that we said “reduce” and not “stop” or “eradicate” cheating. There are no guarantees that cheating could be completely stopped—it is possible to be completely stopped, but we are not, here, giving that assurance. In fact, some men don’t want to change or stop, so, you see, there is nothing that can be done!

In this episode, you will see:

#1: That the background cause of cheating in men is linked to the male personality — the tendency to get bored and dissatisfied easily and quickly! [Download (above) to get details]

#2: That keeping the man less bored and more satisfied (by introducing fun, excitement, adventure, experiments, sexual variety, and so on, into the home and love-relationship) will drastically reduce the chances of him looking out for emotional and sexual satisfaction.

#3: Tips were given: Become you man’s best friend (and make him your best friend); tight and deep communication; constantly introducing changes, excitement, and fun into the home and relationship; and so on. [Download (above) to get details]

#4: If after doing all these, the man might still cheat! This is not surprising! There are several other factors and causes of cheating — and we will address them in subsequent episodes.


Download (above) and listen to get details on all we have said…and more.

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