MTM 006: Why Men Cheat: 5 Strange Facts about Cheating

This is a new series: Why Men Cheat! In this first episode of this series [Why Men Cheat] on The Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. ‘Malik) Show, we start by explaining 5 Strange facts about cheating. They are “strange” because they are unexpected, subtle, and most people don’t even think or consider them!


why men cheat

To get the full gist, download the snippet from the show (see above) and listen.

Here is an outline of the 5 strange facts about cheating:

#1: Cheating is far beyond sex (or sleeping with someone outside your marriage or committed relationship). It could still be cheating even when there is no sexual involvement. [Download (above) to know how this is so.]

#2: A man can cheat on a lady that he is still in love with! A man can be in love with, satisfied with, happy with, and feel committed to his woman, and, yet, still, goes out to sleep with another lady! [Download (above) to see how this is so]

#3: Women cheat nearly as much as men do! Now, because women are better cheaters and not easily caught, they number ascribed to cheating women is usually lower than it actually is! [Download (above) to see how this is so]

#4: Emotional infidelity is worse than sexual infidelity. Emotional cheating is more destructive to a love-relationship or marriage than sexual cheating, per se. The heart is more important than the act. [Download (above) to see how this is so]

#5: The reasons why men cheat are usually different from the reasons why women cheat. A woman almost always cheats IF neglected—sexually, emotionally, physically, and so on. A man doesn’t have to be neglected to cheat!

From next week and subsequent episodes on this series, we will start seeing, deeply, reasons why men cheat and proffering solutions (and things that a lady can do) to reduce the chances and the probability of her man cheating on her!


Download (above) and listen to get details on all we have said…and more.

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