MTM 009: Why Men Cheat: 5 Major Causes and 5 Powerful Cures

Why Men Cheat. This is the 4th and last episode of the series on Why Men Cheat on The Mouth-to-mouth (with Dr. ‘Malik) Show. If you had missed previous episodes, don’t worry much—this is a good and balanced summary of some high points of the previous episodes. Also, more interesting points were added!


why men cheat

On this episode of Why Men Cheat we will look at 5 main causes of cheating and offer some solutions to these causes. I will outline the causes here; to get the full gist and the recommended solution, download (above) and listen.

Why Men Cheat: 5 Main Causes

#1: Poor character, and the influence of the male personality.

#2: Relationship conflicts and the other partner’s attitude.

#3: Influence of the Man’s friends and external influences.

#4: Influence of the Man’s father, family background, and religious background.

#5: Influence of prevailing societal culture (and mind-set), and the influence of the Internet (and social Media)

Again, the solutions to these were also given…in order to help reduce the likelihood of cheating.


Download (above) and listen to get details on all we have said…and more.

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