small breats


Q: Doctor, I don’t like my small breasts. They are so small, so tiny… I feel very uncomfortable. Clothes don’t fit me. I wish I can be “bustier” like my friends. What drug can I take to increase the size of my breasts? [Paraphrased and edited]

A: Okay, sorry, I know exactly what you are talking about.

If you didn’t develop breasts at all, (and it looks exactly like guys’ own); and also, if you don’t menstruate; then there’s a problem and we all would be concerned.

However, if you have some breasts, but it is just not as big as your friends’ own, or not as “hot” as Kim Kardashian’s, then you don’t have a medical problem (especially if you menstruate). You are equally a woman. You are not abnormal. You’re just different and unique.

Now, the bad news is, there’s little or nothing that can be done to change the size of your breasts. Most methods you hear and see all around you are either, lies (and scams), or very dangerous to health, or will feel unnatural after all.

Oestrogen and other breast-enlargement creams only increase the milk-ducts size, giving a false increase. True, big breasts are due to increase in breasts fat tissues. Be careful; you don’t need extra oestrogen in your system, dear. Avoid those trash!

Breast massages and exercises will only build the chest muscles, and you “chest out”, changing your posture, and giving the appearance of increase breasts size. But, as we said above, big breasts are due to breasts fat tissues, not increase in chest muscles! Slow down, babe!

There are other options that I don’t have the patience to talk about. They don’t work!

The best option is cosmetic (and plastic) surgery. Even though it is not as dangerous as most people think and fear, it has it’s own risks and side-effects (especially if you fall into the hands of a quack doctor surgeon). And, it’s relatively expensive. And, even though breast-enlargements surgeries can feel unnatural, you can still breastfeed normally after the surgery.

Haaa… so this is Dr. ‘Malik prescription: my dear, accept your self and your breasts. There’s nothing medically wrong with you. Your breasts are as equally sensitive, sexually, to touch as bigger breasts. And you will be able to breastfeed your baby adequately. 

And, if you are a little patient, your breast size will increase with pregnancy and childbirth. So, for now, just go and get padded bras and push-up bras, if worse comes to worst!

Enjoy your day.