health tips

Health tips and tweets…

#1: “Hand-washing, generally, could save more lives worldwide than any vaccine, a study by the WHO says.” @withdrmalik

#2: “Most weight loss products & programs have about 98% failure rate bcos they’re designed, primarily, to make more money for the industry!” @withdrmalik

#3: “Humor is unconsciously associated with humility & honesty; that’s why most ladies are attracted to funny & humorous guys!” @withdrmalik

#4: “Scientists still don’t know for sure why we have armpit hair!” @withdrmalik

#5: “‘Selective mutism’ is the inability to speak to specific people due to fear, anxiety, or shyness.” @withdrmalik

#6: “Studies show that students who talk to themselves tend to do better at school.” @withdrmalik

#7: “Pad kid poured curd pulled cod” is one of the hardest tongue twisters. Try saying it fast, over and over, if you could!” @withdrmalik

#8: “Frequently-spanked & physically-abused kids are more likely to solve their conflicts with others by hitting them.” @withdrmalik

#9: “‘Walking corpse syndrome’ is a rare psychiatric condition where people believe they are dead!” @withdrmalik

#10: “Long-distance relationships are difficult to maintain. On an average, many long-distance relationships break up after 5 months!” @withdrmalik

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