health tips

Health tips and health tweets…

#1: “A person usually makes a lot of hand movements when telling the truth. When lying, a person’s hands, most times, will stay noticeably still.” @withdrmalik

#2: “Soteriophobia is a psychological condition which causes a person to refuse depending on others out of fear of being disappointed.” @withdrmalik

#3: “The runny nose you have while crying is not catarrh. It is excess tears entering a canal connecting your eyes & nose. You cry out of your nose!” @withdrmalik

#4: “Complex 4-D scans show that babies cry in the womb (in a very low sound volume) to indicate displeasure and pain.” @withdrmalik

#5: “Eating fruits for breakfast can help you feel more alive in the morning! Fruits also help maintain focus & mental health.” @withdrmalik

#6: “Falling in love has similar psycho-neurological effects as the “high” produced from taking cocaine! Na wa oh!” @withdrmalik

#7: “One in every 15,000 people is an albino. They are that unique and special!” @withdrmalik

#8: “62% of people check their Facebook right when they wake up—which is a sign of addiction.” @withdrmalik