Q: Doctor, I usually have this fever that hits me frequently—like every two weeks. It, sometimes, gets very high and scary. I know I have to see a doctor; but, what else can I do? Advise me. [Paraphrased]

A: When a person’s body temperature is too hot, he has a fever. Fever is not a sickness, but a sign of many different sicknesses. It can be a sign of a dangerous problem, especially in a small child.

When a person has a fever:

#1: Uncover him completely.

Small children should be undressed completely and left naked until the fever goes down. Fresh air or a breeze will not harm a person with fever. Put on the fan. Never wrap the child in clothing or blankets. To wrap up a child with fever is dangerous. On the contrary, fresh breeze helps lower it. You could soak a towel in luke-warm (not cold) water, squeeze out the water, and rub the person’s body. Or, simply place the towel on the chest and forehead. This helps the fever go down.

#2. Take Paracetamol to bring down the fever.

Don’t ignore fever, especially high fever. It is the body giving a warning sign! High fever can cause seizures (convulsions) or fainting (and loss of consciousness), and is most dangerous for small children. Take paracetamol. Be careful not to give too much to children. And adults should avoid regular, habitual intake of paracetamol and pain-killers!

#3: Drink lots of water, juices, or other liquids.

High fever is a sign of an underlying dangerous illness. And it dries the person up! For small children, especially babies, drinking water should be very clean; or simply boiled first (and then cooled). Make sure the child passes urine regularly. If she does not pass much urine, or the urine is dark, give a lot more cool water (not cold water).

#4: When possible, find and treat the cause of the fever.

All we have done so far hasn’t taken care of the CAUSE of the fever. And if the cause is not found and treated, it will continue. See your doctor. He will help you find the cause and treat the root problem and tell you how to prevent it in the future.