How to take care of your kidneys

The kidneys—those 2 bean-shaped structures at your side!—are extremely important and vital for life. You can’t do without them! If they are that important, what, then, are the ways to take care of your kidneys? How do you prevent those severe deadly kidney diseases that kill people every day?

#1: Test the amount of your blood sugar once in a while (especially if someone in your family has diabetes). Have a very good control of your blood sugar. Treat diabetes very well. Learn the facts about sugar (and read the lies!)

#2: Measure your blood pressure (B.P.) regularly (especially if someone in your family has hypertension). Control hypertension. Treat heart disease very well. Have a good “blood fat” level.

#3: Reduce the amount of salt you take. Do not form the habit of adding salt to food when you are served. Stop it!

#4: Stay hydrated by drinking adequate amount of water every day. Obey your thirst. Water is good for the kidneys. Don’t develop the habit of resisting, (for too long), the urge to urinate. Don’t however forget to remember the lies people tell about drinking water.

#5: Eat natural and healthy foods. Fruits and vegetable are the best. Embrace low-fat diet. Reduce oily meals. Reduce processed foods. Go for whole grains and nuts. Avoid addictive drinking of coffee and tea.

#6. Reduce the quantity of alcohol you take; and stop smoking completely. Smoking affects the flow and volume of blood that goes to the kidneys. Learn about alcohol and how to stop! And read the reasons why I, personally, don’t smoke cigarettes.

#7: Lose weight. Stay fit. Exercise daily or at least, 3 days in every week. I won’t stop reminding you about this.

#8: By all means, avoid self medication (especially constant, long-term taking of drugs e.g. pain killers like ibuprofen) Follow your doctor’s prescription religiously. Be careful with excessive intake of supplements (and even certain vitamins!), and be extremely cautious with herbal medications!

Wishing you a long and strong life on Earth!