Q: “Doctor, I experience itching all over my body after taking bath with cold water. It usually starts few minutes after. It’s worse if I use sponge. It gets better when I get under the fan…and as my body dries. This also happens when I sweat. Help!”

A: Sorry for what you are experiencing.

Even though, first thought will be things like filariasis, if you do the tests, it will be negative! It is something else. As strange as the itches and symptoms are, so is the name. It is called Aquagenic Pruritus (if I remember correctly ).

Unfortunately, we still don’t understand properly how and why this happens…and so, treating it is equally non-specific.

But, take this home: Take your bath with warm water. Get a softer sponge. Dry your body immediately and very well after bathing. Use the fan or A/C.

See your doctor. Drugs like Loratidine helps some people.  Add Prednisolone and an anti-itching cream. It should improve.

I hope this article helps someone.

Enjoy your day!