Q: Doctor Malik, I have been having and treating typhoid for over 2 years now. Each time I go for test, they always see typhoid despite the drugs I take. I am fed up. What really is the problem? Or, is my own typhoid incurable?

A: Sorry for what you are going through. You are not alone; several others are going through the same thing.

Typhoid is curable and we have very effective antibiotics drugs that would handle it adequately.

Your case would most likely be due to one of two issues: poor treatment or reinfection.

If you are being treated with drugs that are not suitable or strong enough to kill the organisms, your symptoms might persist. If you don’t complete the drugs for the number of days or as the doctor prescribed, you are not doing yourself any good—and you might develop drug resistance, where that particular drug no longer works.

Also, due to fake drugs in these parts of the world, you might never have had correct drug treatment.

Secondly, you might be reinfected, repeatedly. So, you were at each time treated properly only to get reinfected almost immediately by the typhoid-causing bacteria. Watch the water you drink. And the water you use to cook, to brush your teeth, etc. [READ: 5 WAYS TO AVOID GETTING TYPHOID. ]

See a specialist. It might be different from all we have just said.