Q: My husband always has his hands in his trousers, scratching his anus, I guess. It irritates me. I have told him several times but he seems unable to stop scratching. Please, doc, is this a medical problem? What could be the issues here?

A: First, this could be either a habit or due to a medical disease.

Commonly, fungal infection or pin worm infestation could present with this. The persons has this stubborn itch at the anus area, which he or she, most times can not help but scratch! Funny enough, scratching and the pleasure that comes from this scratching (to resolve the itch) makes the body release histamine and other chemicals that causes more itch! So the more you scratch, the more the itch!

If it is medical problem, solution comes from not scratching, and from the appropriate drug treatment. Some over-the-counter drugs and creams could settle this easily. However, some anal itches are due to some other serious medical conditions especially if there is associated tear, wound, sore, or bleeding. Don’t just buy drugs; see your doctor for proper examination and treatment.

If it’s a habit…emmmmm…call me!