Q: My marriage is breaking apart—my husband and his family want a male child. I already have 4 girls. His attitude towards me has changed. I read some stuffs online—what exactly should a lady do to have a male child?

A: First, almost all of what you know and have read about methods of choosing the gender of your baby—like sex positions and timing of ovulation—are unfounded assumptions! Forget about the scientific words they use!

Secondly, contrary to African beliefs, it is the man who determines the gender of a baby—and NOT the woman! The male has X and Y chromosomes. If he donates X, you will have a girl child; if he donates Y, you will have a bouncing baby boy. So, you see, if we must, the man is to blame—and NOT the woman!

Also, just like tossing a coin (where you get either heads or tails), nobody has control over the gender of a child—whether a male or female child is formed. Nothing physical or medical that you do can determine if the man donates a male or a female chromosome to his woman. It’s time and chance.

However, there are some new hi-technology and sophisticated procedures that separates the chromosomes and put the gender that is needed into the woman. These are usually very expensive and inaccessible.

So, for now, be grateful that you have children—4 beautiful girls!