Q: I masturbate like almost every day. I feel okay, but I heard it causes weak erection, poor performance, and low sperm count. Please, how true is this? Does playing with myself affect my health? [Paraphrased]

A: Okay. I will be straightforward here.

Masturbation does not have any major negative health effect. And, that’s for both males and females.

It doesn’t affect your physical health in ANY way. It doesn’t cause weak erection, “cuming” quickly, low sperm count, or infertility. It doesn’t cause pimples or loss of hair. It’s not the cause of short stature. The only thing here would be pain from sore or bruised genitals!

Neither does it affect you psychologically. It doesn’t cause loneliness, depression, or low self-esteem. It doesn’t cause madness! The only thing likely here is guilt (which is due to your personal beliefs and not from masturbation itself).

The only probable, yet uncommon, effect is socially. It could affect your relationship with your partner if you become so used to it that you no longer find your partner stimulating or satisfying enough. You have becomeĀ  used to your own hands and touch. Or sex toys.

It could affect normal activities, like work and academics (in cases of addiction to masturbation) where it gets too much—several times a day—causing temporary weakness and fatigue.

That’s all about that. Nothing that serious, medically.

[And, this is just the accurate medical view…and not my personal convictions.]