health dangers of anal sex

Let me be simple and straightforward, here, please: Anal sex is the insertion of an erect penis into the anus. Sex toys, the fingers (or even entire fist or hand), and the mouth (and tongue) could also be used!

It’s not just a “gay thing”; many heterosexuals (male and female, married or unmarried), and even lesbians (using sex toys and fingers) practise this form of intercourse.

People practise anal sex for various reasons: More adventurous and satisfying to some couples (cause of the tightness of the anus), to avoid pregnancy, to have sex when the lady is menstruating, to preserve virginity (by avoiding vaginal sex!), to show dominance of the penetrating male (whatever that means!), and so on.

But, medically, even though we do not out-rightly frown at it, we are very uncomfortable with the practice because of some health dangers associated with it. So, what are the health dangers of anal sex?

#1: Anal sex could be extremely painful!

The anus, unlike the vagina, is not “elastic”, lacks natural lubrication, and is full of highly-sensitive nerves. These cause a lot of pain, especially during the first few attempts. Also, important to note is that most part of the pain, however, is psychological. Liberal lubrication (with artificial sterile lubricants) and deep relaxation of the receptive partner has been the only saving-grace to many couples! The pain is excruciating…and now, you know why!

#2: Anal sex could cause ugly anal and rectal injuries!

Because of the poor elasticity, poor lubrication, and very delicate tissues of the anus and rectum, it is quite understandable if one sustains injury during anal sex. It could lead to several injuries including lacerations, anal tear, rectal tear, and even, colon perforation (which would require surgical repair for healing). Anal sex worsens condition of piles (haemorrhoids), and (due to the large number of tiny vessels in the area) causes scary bleeding.

#3: Anal sex could lead to poor control of defecation!

It is called fecal incontinence–the inability to control stooling or hold stool. Repeated anal sex tends to weaken the sphincters–the “valves” and “control knobs”–of the anus. After a while, the receptive partner might not be able to choose when to “poo-poo”–It comes out, uncontrollably! He or she might have to resort to some major surgeries, or the use of adult diapers (and pampas) meanwhile. The anal and rectal tissues are thin and delicate.

#4: Anal sex has a high risk of transmission of infections–and anal cancer!

Anal sex is the riskiest form of sexual activity; it is about 30 times riskier than vaginal sex. This is especially high without the use of condoms or protective barriers. HIV/AIDS and STDs/STIs are highest among those who practise anal sex. One of the reasons is that the anal region has plenty of vessels which are tender and easily bruised, and hence transmission of infections is easy and directly into the bloodstream. There’s a high risk of anal cancer because the virus (HPV) that causes this cancer is sexually-transmitted. The bowels have the highest number of infectious microorganisms, and they can easily be transferred to the vagina during anal sex that involves penetration of the anus before the vagina.

This is as far I can go–it’s not a very decent topic to write on! If you have questions, suggestions, or need clarifications, contact me.