vaginal odour

Every vagina has an odour; and that is not the issue! The question is, if you (and your partner) are comfortable with the odour or not. Some odours could be very strong, offensive, and almost unbearable; others, mild, natural, and easily ignored. How you smell “down there” has a great influence on your love-relationship and marriage. It might be the unspoken reason why your partner keeps “running away”; or believe it or not, it might be one of the reasons why your partner can’t wait to get home everyday, from work, to be with you! It makes and breaks marriages!
I created a set of questions [Hehehe…call them Dr. Malik’s-whatever-questions, if you must!] you could use as checks, from time to time.


Smelling “good” down there doesn’t really come from using all those potentially harmful products like vaginal soaps, vaginal douches, cosmetic creams, vaginal sprays, vaginal perfumes, and so on. No! Don’t use those things! They eventually do more harm than good. Every clean, infection-free vagina has an odour that is natural and unique. Every lady has her own smell, which might change, from time to time, depending on several factors (like health status, diet, and stage in menstrual cycle). This good smell–mild, soft, non-offensive–is from the normal, healthy vaginal secretions that frequently “wash” the vagina protecting it from harmful substances and microorganisms. All these scented, vaginal odour-removing products in the market affect the God-given cleansing mechanisms in the vagina, and “wicked” organisms can then invade the vagina and cause infections. This good smell is aphrodisiac, and most men love it (and could even kill another man for it)!


This, according to my user-friendly system of classification, is vaginal odour from poor hygiene. Some ladies are only “clean” on the outside; inside doesn’t look and smell good. This isn’t good. The vagina produces normal cleansing secretions which has a mild, bearable smell but when allowed to get dried and stay for long periods becomes “bad” smell. This bad odour also comes from urine drops on panties, pubic hairs, and vaginal areas. The vagina and surrounding areas also have oil- and sweat-producing glands. Imagine not taking your bath after a long, sweaty workout session in the gym! I am not advising that you “over-wash”; no, that will eventually affect that cleansing mechanism and cause infections. Wear clean, loose-fitting “pants” and underwears–fresh ones every new day. Cotton wears are preferable. Avoid tight wears as much as possible. After urinating, wash only the outside, and minimally; or you could simply dab or clean gently with tissue papers. After poo-pooing, always clean from the front to the back–to avoid smearing the vaginal area with faeces! When bathing, use only mild, non-perfumed soaps and only on the outside–the pubic hair region and vagina lips. Lukewarm water is always the best. Avoid the temptation of excessively washing “inside”, even after sexual intercourse; moreover, it doesn’t prevent pregnancy. Avoid bushy, unkempt pubic hairs. Follow these and you will restore back the fresh, clean, “good smell” !


This is caused by all those monstrous infections–sexually-transmitted, the so-called “toilet infections”, and other genital tract infections. We have talked extensively on these before–in three different previous articles on this site. This smell is strong, offensive, and especially worse and more noticeable after sexual intercourse. This “ugly” smell is usually associated with vaginal discharge, and, sometimes, with other symptoms like rashes and itchiness. Pungent, fishy smell. White curdy discharge. Even if your partner isn’t complaining, for the sake of your health and fertility, see a doctor immediately. Search “toilet infections” on this site, and learn more!

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