how to lose weight

How to lose weight?

Hmm…simple? No, not exactly!

Losing weight and staying fit requires serious work, consistency, and accurate knowledge.

You have to know what to do…and then, do it!

Many dieting plans don’t work–and people end up starving themselves instead. Many people are busy doing the wrong exercises. Others take herbal preparations, slimming teas, drugs, and so on, only to lose weight quickly and end up regaining the lost weight quickly (and even more weight!)

What works?

I will give general principles to assist you in losing weight and staying fit; you might have to contact me personally if you want those specific ways that will suit you as an individual.

#1: MIND YOUR MOUTH: Know what and how to eat.

You can’t be careless about what you put in your mouth if you want to lose weight. Unhealthy weight gain, for most people, comes from eating the wrong foods. Undisciplined, irregular eating is another issue. For some people, eating is “as you go”—they eat anything, everything, anywhere, and anytime. To lose weight, you must be very disciplined, decisive, and strategic. Eat as your great-grandparents did. Eat 3-square meals with no in-between meals. I repeat, eat nothing in-between those meals; not even chewing gum, popcorn, roasted maize, a bottle of coke, or “suya”! No, nothing in-between! If you get very hungry after any of the 3 major meals, and if you must eat, then drink water, or eat fruit or vegetable salad. Fill your fridge with assorted fruits. Make your own fruit salad and fruit juice, and keep it ready in case you get hungry in-between meals. All the 3-square meals are important–don’t miss any. And know the right thing to eat during those 3 significant meals. If you want to lose weight, you can’t eat like me—skinny me—and expect your weight to vanish, magically! Eat natural foods. I cook all my meals. Do what I do. Eat like your ancestors; avoid processed foods. Avoid anything that has passed through a factory—anything that is canned, bottled, processed, packaged, and sold. Eat a high-fiber diet. Avoid excessively oily and fatty foods and fries. Say no to regular eating of ice cream, chocolate, soft drinks, snacks, and alcohol.

3 square meals of natural, low-fat, unprocessed food with only water, fruits, and vegetables. Watch your tongue.

#2: Make sure you move! Know the right exercise for you, and do it regularly.

Two things are involved: correctness and consistency—know the correct workout for you, as an individual, and do it consistently, and regularly. Some forms of exercise, like weight-lifting, push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches, are most suitable for generalized body weight loss. Choose one (or combine two or more) that is convenient and comfortable for you, and that works for you. Consistency is the key. Don’t expect to see marked changes overnight. In fact, all my patients and clients that experienced significant healthy weight loss made exercise a regular thing—it became a hobby and habit, not just a duty. Learn to enjoy skipping or running the thread mill every day. Be passionate about going out for jogging and brisk walking every morning. Cycling and swimming should be fun for you. Dance with joy for long periods, till you sweat profusely. Love-making, for committed partners, should be active and even vigorous! Do all these till you sweat profusely; stretch yourself. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. God says, “Let my people move!” Don’t give up; don’t be discouraged even if you don’t see any changes. Don’t stop. In fact, “weight loss” shouldn’t be your focus; enjoying exercise should be your focus, drive, and motivation. It is not about the destination; it is about the journey.

#3: MEET YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR: You may need special counsel, drugs, and surgery.

For some people—a few people—dieting and exercise will not be enough. They need medical and surgical intervention. This decision should not be made without the help of professional medical personnel or a nutritionist. Avoid all these slimming teas, slimming drugs, and herbal preparations—they only cause unhealthy, temporary, quick weight loss with long-term adverse effects. Weight gain comes from gaining more (from eating) than you lose (from exercise and activities). Rather, watch your meals, exercise regularly for months, and if still unable to lose weight, see your doctor. There are some special drugs that regulate appetite, affect the absorption of digested food molecules, and so on. There are some complex surgeries that “tie” or reduce the size of the stomach or intestine, and so on. They make you eat and absorb less food. These drugs and surgeries have side effects and complications. Consider carefully. And there’s cosmetic surgery to remove fat from parts of the body so that you feel good and look good. Even though these cosmetic surgeries have some complications, they are not as dangerous as the media makes them look. Talk to your doctor first.


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