Terminating pregnancy is a serious issue. It could also lead to the terminating of the mother! Calling some type of abortion “unsafe abortion”, as doctors call it, is putting it lightly and mildly. It is not merely unsafe. It is dangerous to abort a baby. And deadly. 
I have heard. I have seen.
Listen. Read carefully…
…Especially if you are in a developing country where abortion is considered a criminal act of murder; if you are considering using poisonous or harmful substances like  herbal concoction, chemicals, poisons; if you are planning on getting a drug from a chemist and using it without any medical supervision; if you hope on visiting an untrained personnel for the abortion; if sharp and unhygienic materials like metal cloth-hangers will be used on you; if the environment is unhygienic and the method is strange…
Listen. Read carefully…
God forbid! But…
#1: YOU MAY BLEED EXCESSIVELY. The process involves bleeding. This, for some reasons, might refuse to stop, or become torrential. You will lose a lot of blood. And your heart might stop beating.
#2: YOU MAY SUSTAIN SERIOUS INJURY. Drugs used to cause those powerful contractions of the womb may tear and rupture the womb. Sharp objects used might puncture the womb, intestine, or any body part.
#3: YOU MAY DEVELOP DEADLY INFECTIONS. Unhygienic materials and procedures, and improper use of antibiotics drugs, and lack of post-abortion care, could cause life-threatening infections. It could lead to death, or if you are very lucky, infertility.
#4: IT MAY LEAD TO OTHER  MEDICAL PROBLEMS. Parts of the developing baby or tissues might still remain inside. It’s like a hidden time bomb! Drugs used might causes fearful side-effects like severe hypertension.  If you had some medical problems before, like asthma, it might worsen the conditions in ways I fear to describe.
#5: YOU MAY SUFFER SEVERE EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS AFTERWARDS. Deep-seated guilt. Paralyzing depression.  Low self esteem and shame. Regret. Anxiety and fear. Recurrent nightmares and sleep disorders. You may find it difficult to forgive yourself, and be quick to relate the abortion as the cause of every problem you will face. And so on.
Luckily, there are other options. I am creating a platform to support ladies with unintended pregnancy, and building a home to take in children whose parents need assistance.
Just give me a call IF you need help in raising a baby!