True, I must not be happy in order to laugh; I choose to laugh! I must not have a reason in order to laugh; I simply choose to laugh! External circumstances must not be better in order for me to laugh; I just choose to laugh!

Now, I live a happier, healthier, less stressful life. Laughing changes how we feel. This is one of the healthiest ways to stay alive!

Children smile and laugh about 300 times in a day; adults only about 10 times. In this, I choose to become a child again!

I take at least 3 laughter breaks in a day for “laughing sessions”, with about 20 seconds of laughing (for no reason at all!) I have these 3 doses of laughter, laughing from my heart, with all of my heart! As much as possible, I practise smiling throughout the remaining part of the day! My colleagues call me “the Smiling Doctor”, and patients would describe me as “that doctor that always smiles!” It looks strange but, trust me, it enhances creativity and it is good for interpersonal relationships.

In the morning, take a laughing-dose! Forget about looking stupid, or silly, or weird. Don’t be nervous. Clap your hands as if applauding a celebrity. Celebrate yourself. Raise your arms high and shout, “hahahhaha…” And burst into heartfelt laughter! Laugh at yourself for laughing for no reason! And you can do this, silently, for few minutes during the day, in the bathroom, in the office, anywhere, and before you sleep at night.
Your body can’t differentiate between spontaneous laughter [the one with a reason, say, gratitude or to comedy] and simulated one [laughter without a reason!]. It produces the same immune-boosting, mood-changing chemicals!

Are you upset, angered, scared, shy, stressed, fed-up, nervous, and anxious? Take a dose of laughter pill! It is priceless. It is free. No negative side-effects. You will release tension and stress. You relax your body. You calm your mind. You feel better. You boost your energy. You soothe your soul. It is healthy. It is spiritual!

Joy is our essential nature, that is why it comes to us naturally; that’s why children are happy by default; that’s why it takes nothing to change for you to be happy.

You can choose to be the happiest person on Earth! Here and now, no matter what!

Don’t wait …just laugh!