health benefits of laughing
What are some of the health benefits of laughing?

#1: Laughing boosts the body’s immune system, the “soldiers” that fight diseases! It increases the amount of NK-cells (Natural Killer cells) and antibodies, notably IgA (Immunoglobulin A) in the Respiratory tract. Laugh more!

#2: Laughing reduces the amount of Stress Hormones, like Cortisol and Nor-adrenaline, in the blood. You feel relaxed. This prevents stress-induced hypertension, ulcer, menstrual irregularities, low energy, low testosterone levels in males, etc. Laugh now!

#3: Laughing assists the cardiovascular system, stimulating the heart and improving the blood circulation. “One minute of joyful laughter equals 10 minutes of exercising on a rowing machine”, says Dr. William Fry of the Standford University. Laugh again!

#4: Laughing has some anti-aging actions. It improves blood flow to the face, and also tones the muscles of the face. It makes you look younger, stronger, and more attractive! I laugh a lot; maybe that’s the secret of my young attractive look! Lol… Laugh out loud!

#5: Laughing improves your mental health. It increases the blood level of Endorphins — endogenous morphines — that is, morphine that your body produces! It makes you feel better. Endorphins are natural pain killers. Laughing decreases depression and anxiety. You sleep better. You live excited. Laugh always!

Now, you know some health benefits of laughing! If laughter is good medicine, are you getting the adequate, regular dose?!