when a person faints

What are the practical helpful things you could do when a person faints?

Prevent injury from the impact of the fall. Gently assist the person down! And let the person remain in the lying position.

Don’t try to keep the person standing. Sitting position is not good either. Let the person lie down! Let blood flow to the head! [Fainting is basically caused by a brief interruption of the normal flow of blood to the brain].

Keep the head flat, not on your laps, not on a pillow. Rather use the pillow (or any other method) to raise the legs above the rest of the body.

Do not give the person food to eat or water (or anything) to drink (especially if the person is not conscious). Do not splash water on the face. And stop tapping on the person to “wake up”!

Check the mouth if you can. Make sure nothing is blocking the throat or airways. Check the tongue. Make sure it has not fallen backwards and blocking air entry and exit. If it has, try pulling it forward to the usual position.

Let the person enjoy adequate ventilation. You don’t need all the members of the prayer-band camping around the person, screaming, sweating, laying hands. A few would do!

Remove neck-tie and any tight clothing around the neck that could obstruct breathing.

If the person vomits or has any fluid coming out of the mouth, tilt the head either to the left or right, or place in the “recovery position.” [Ask Google! Must I explain everything?!]

Let the person remain lying for about 10 minutes.

See a doctor.

N.B: What if you are the patient, and you feel you are about to faint? Simply, quickly, tightly squeeze the muscles of your legs, and release, repeatedly; get a place to sit, preferably, lie down; breathe correctly — deeply, slowly, from your abdomen.

Let life flow!