TIP #9: BE WISE ABOUT SEX: key to protecting your physical, mental, and social health.

The drive for sex and intimacy is one of the strongest human desires; so strong that it could affects one’s judgment and lead to unhealthy decisions. This could affect one’s body (say, sexually-transmitted infections), one’s mind (say, depression, guilt, or anxiety) and one’s relationship (say, conflicts and lack of trust).

Getting adequate sex education is very important. You should know almost everything relating to healthy sex, and from the right sources, not from friends and social networks, where you hear lies like: “prolonged lack of sex causes health problems!” Lies! Sex drives is one of the drives we don’t need in order to remain alive, and the reproductive system is the only system that is not critically important for survival — we can as well do without it! So, learn and learn from reliable sources.

Making healthy sex decisions is also very important. Brainwash yourself into believing the benefits of being faithful to a single partner and avoiding multiple sexual partners. Talk to yourself about the importance and possibility of abstinence. Practise safe sex (if there’s really anything like that!) HIV/AIDS is not unreal. Don’t forget that sex leads to pregnancy! It does, at least, sometimes.

Sex has numerous health benefits, including boosting the immune system! However, we must make sure we don’t forget about the consequences of diseases, pregnancy, guilt, anxiety, depression, “heart-break”, etc. Be wise. Choose carefully.

Sex in marriage, and being faithful to your spouse (and using effective Family Planning), seems to handle most of these sex-related problems. To me, this is the wisest decision.

Be wise. Don’t let your heart lead you where your head doesn’t want!