TIP #28: PROTECT AND PROVIDE FOR THE FEMALE CHILD: producing healthy and happy future mothers, partners, and leaders.

Holistic medical practice takes care of the physical, mental, emotional, social, and more recently, the spiritual concerns and aspects of the patient’s health. Don’t be surprise if you hear me talk of gratitude, forgiveness, fasting, female education, prayer, death, and God. I am only being a 21st century doctor!

Protect the girl-child. Provide for the female child.

Watch out for wolves. Guardians, family friends, and even relatives. Protect your girl from rape and every form of sexual, verbal, and physical abuse. Respect them. Adore them. Big boy, they are not punching-bags! Go try it on a fellow male!

Avoid early marriages. It could have serious gynecological consequences. It does not allow for adequate all-round development and maturity. It affects opportunity for education. Don’t give out your daughter to a man who could be her father or even grand-father! The generational gap is detrimental to her emotional and social living. Allow them choose their husbands. Educate every female child. Let them gain the knowledge and skill to be self-reliant and independent.

What?! Say a big “NO” to female circumcision and genital mutilation! What is that?! That is no way to prevent promiscuity. Sex is not in the sex-organ; it is in the mind. Stop cutting things anyhow! The medical problems this causes are numerous and terrible.

As much as possible, don’t let your girl into street-hawking. Fight against prostitution and women trafficking. Painful consequences of teenage pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, STDs, abortions, etc. are likely to occur. Protect them. Guard them, jealously.

The female child should be given equal opportunities as the male. No preferential treatment. No favoritism. No suppression or oppression of femininity. Every human has equal value.

This way a wide range of reproductive system problems, physical diseases and mental disorders in females (our daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, and friends) will be prevented.

They should be loved, adored, cherished, admired, appreciated, respected, educated, empowered… and loved again!