TIP #22: TREAT EVERY PREGNANT LADY WITH MUCH CARE: preserving the joy and pride of motherhood.

Pregnancy is not a disease, but it requires a high-level of medical care and attention. This is because pregnancy is a very delicate condition; consequently, there is a high possibility of “things going wrong”, both with the mother and the baby.

Ideally, medically, it’s advisable a lady starts giving birth only after 18years of age and finishes giving birth before the age of 35; a minimum of 2 children and a maximum of 4; and at least 2yrs spacing between two consecutive children, and not to have a time-space of more than 5years in between; and to wait for a period of 6 months after a miscarriage before getting pregnant.

Every pregnancy should be confirmed with urine and, preferably, blood test. A scan would be helpful too. And regular routine ante-natal clinic visits commenced early enough. Be regular with visits and comply with routine drugs and vaccines. Report any and every symptom and complaint as soon as possible. Fever, vomiting, vaginal bleeding and discharge, etc should not be taken lightly. Never take any drug not prescribed by your health provider. Never take herbal drugs. No smoking; no alcohol. Eat healthy, whole, natural foods. Sleep under an insecticide-treated mosquito net. Take very good care of yourself.

Give birth in a medical facility; don’t do it at home (or with grand-ma!). Fully immunized your baby. Exclusively breast-feed.

We can go into details. Ask for specifics during ante-natal visits.

Ladies ask for care. Guys, offer care. Offer much care. They deserve it!