TIP #21: PRACTISE FAMILY PLANNING: safe-guarding the health and the wealth of your family.

Family planning is all about being in control. It is about birth control, and much more. It is the nature of Mother Nature to give and keep giving, and abundantly; it is the duty of humans to regulate and manage Nature’s plenteous gifts.

Family planning is, among others, about choosing how many children you would like to have, when you will have them and the length of time between every two children. It is about being responsible, unlike lower animals!

Family planning helps prevent unintended or unplanned pregnancy. It gives you the power to consider your time, your money, and other resources, and plan you child-spacing and timing and your family size in a way that each member of the family receive the best of love, education, and training.

Frequent and high number of pregnancies and child-birth affects the mother’s and the children’s health. We say, it increases maternal and child morbidity and mortality. More so, it’s not wise financial decision to make, especially in these parts of the world.

God gives, I know. But if you want to give birth to all the “eggs in your womb”, you might not survive to see them grow, and you may only be bringing in and subjecting your kids to untold hardship. God gives, and gives us wisdom on how to regulate and manage our family-life and -size. Use this gift.

Walk into any health facility. Ask them to educate you on family planning. Apply it; your children’s future successes depends on it.

Plan. Today.