TIP #18: ENSURE EVERY CHILD IS COMPLETELY IMMUNISED: the best way to say “prevention is better than cure.”

Polio can cause paralysis. Measles can cause blindness. Tetanus can cause death. Immunization prevents all these, and more.

Immunization makes a person resistant to an infectious disease by stimulating the immune system to protect the person against the infection or disease.

Immunization is important because sometimes hygiene (and other health measures) may not be enough in protecting against certain diseases. That’s when vaccines become especially life-saving. By the powers of immunization, disease like small pox has been totally eradicated! Oh, how effective they are!

It is a lie that vaccines, used for immunization, usually have dangerous long-term side-effects. Vaccines are not deadly; they are very safe, and even life-saving. Most vaccine reactions are usually minor and temporary, such as pain in the arm or mild fever. Also, rumors and stories about “secret agents” using vaccination to reduce and regulate childbirth is utterly false and unscientific.

And for adults, there are some vaccines that are incredibly helpful if taken. Like those that prevent against Meningitis, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, etc. Go get a shot today!

Every child must be immunized, and fully. As we have always said, prevention is better than cure.