TIP #17: ENSURE EVERY BABY IS ADEQUATELY BREAST-FED: the first and the best food Nature prepared for babies!

“One of the most highly effective preventive measures a mother can take to protect the health of her infant is to breastfeed.” — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Breast-milk is the best…for babies! All a baby needs for health, growth, and development is divinely formulated in it and in the right quantity — the right amount of fat, sugar, water and protein– and the right quality.

Medical experts advice breast-feeding should be commenced within 30 minutes of birth, exclusively for the first 6 months of life, and then complemented with other nutritious foods (while still breast-feeding) up to 2 years.

Exclusive breast-feeding means that the baby receives only breast milk for the first 6 months of life. No other liquids or solids are given – not even water – with the exception of oral rehydration solution (ORS), vitamins, minerals or medicines. Breast-milk contains all the water a baby needs.

Breast-milk is better than any infant formula milk. It is easier to digest, and contains antibodies that fight diseases and germs. It prevents allergies, and improves intelligence! It improves mother-child relationship. The benefits to the child, and the mother can not be over-emphasized! Always available. And it’s cheaper (a benefit to the father too!)

I read something, somewhere: “there are a number of studies that show a possible protective effect of breast milk feeding against sudden infant death syndrome, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, lymphoma, allergic diseases, digestive diseases, and a possible enhancement of cognitive development.” Hahahahhaha! Ignore all those jaw-breaking words! Just ensure every baby is adequately breast-fed!

Breast is the best! Breast-feed on demand — as often as the baby wants or cries for, day and night

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