TIP #13: REDUCE YOUR ALCOHOL-INTAKE: regaining control of your health-life and love-life.

Alcohol is highly addictive! The problem is once you become dependent, you may not be able to stop even if it’s killing you! You will, helplessly, prefer drinking to living!

It affects virtually all the organs of the body thereby increasing the risk for liver damage, stroke, hypertension, cancers, impotence/infertility, abnormalities and birth defects (if a pregnant mother consumes it), etc.

It affects the mind, emotion, and will,  therefore, it could lead to difficulty in relationship with others, domestic violence, broken homes, challenges in workplace, academic problems, poor religious commitment, sleep problem, sex issues, accidents, depression, outbursts of anger, etc.

Loosening the grip of alcohol on your life and health may be a long, gradual process with failures that may make you feel powerless and weak-willed, but, never give up! Admit that you have a problem with alcohol and that you need help.¬†List the benefits/advantages of stopping, and make a commitment to stop drinking. Avoid and get rid of every source of temptations. Find new ways of thinking and living. Prepare for alcohol urges, cravings, and triggers. You may most likely need the assistance of a psychiatrist or your religious leader. Read Dr. ‘Malik’s other articles on “alcohol”.

If you must drink, please drink water! If it must be in a bottle, please drink “bottled water”!