TIP #12: STOP SMOKING: avoiding the single greatest cause of preventable death in the whole world.

It is really disheartening to know that exhaled smoke is even more toxic than the inhaled! That means you might not be the one holding the cigarette stick and putting it in between your lips to draw in the smoke; but just being around a smoker (while he smokes) exposes you to the damaging effects of cigarette smoking.

Cigarette contains nicotine, a highly addictive substance, making it extremely difficult to stop smoking even when they know it’s killing them! They are physically and psychologically dependent on it – they feel calm and “high” when they smoke; and become restless, stressed, and uncoordinated when they don’t.

It has a negative, global effect on the body, destroying every organ, affecting every system – from head to toe! It causes cancer – of the lungs, blood, stomach, kidney, bladder, and so on. It makes one more likely to have stroke, hypertension, lung diseases, brain diseases, heart attacks, blindness, etc. Cigarette smoking (in pregnant ladies) causes miscarriages; abnormal, deformed babies; premature babies; and babies with low weight; and they could die young! In men, it causes infertility, impotence, and erectile dysfunction – that disappointing inability to have a sustained, adequate erection [in every 10 smokers, 8 of them have this problem]!

It has been noted by researchers that it reduces one’s life-span by an average of 13 years! Even the cigarette packs warn that smokers are “liable to die young”!

Simply start by progressively reducing the number of sticks you take, say per day or per week. Reward yourself for successes. Talk to someone about the problem. Seek support. Have someone you are accountable to. Go for counseling. Be decisive. Give me a phone call!
Wishing you a long life …and prosperity!