TIP #11: LEARN THE PROPER USE OF DRUGS: a serious life-saving attitude to your health.

First, it’s important we know that the body has the power to heal itself, especially when the body is empowered with good food, exercise, and rest. However, there are times when the body is overwhelmed, either by a disease condition or infection; drugs are then very important in building the body, bringing in balance, and in helping it fight diseases.

Secondly, drugs could become poisons, if not taken at the proper dose and timing. Always, always follow all instructions, and exactly. This is a life-or-death situation! Ask whenever you are not sure. And keep out of the reach of children.

Thirdly, avoid the habit of self-medication as much as possible, especially for children and pregnant women, even if you know what drugs to take. Instead, see your doctor. Some people wrongly combine several similar drugs with similar healing actions! That’s dangerous! In fact, some of the so-called toilet infections in ladies have been linked to excessive use of antibiotic drugs. Even for over-the-counter drugs (which you could take without a doctor’s prescription), talk to the Pharmacist to be doubly sure.

Also, fake drugs abound, especially in these parts of the world. They are deadly! They have low or no curing power, and could cause drug-resistance even when a genuine drug is taken. Many have died! Resist the urge to get drugs from suspicious road-side chemists. Choose pharmacies, and big ones for that matter, over drug vendors and hawkers! Get well-packaged drugs, check the expiry dates, check for any stamp of approval or quality from the country’s regulating and controlling bodies. Be wise.

N.B.: All these also applies to injections, drug-creams, and “drips”.

Drugs could be poisons, if not correctly used. “Shine your eyes!”