Deworming: simple health habit with immense future benefits.

The nutritional impairment caused by [parasitic worms] is recognized to have a significant impact on growth and physical development. To reduce the worm burden, WHO recommends periodic drug treatment (deworming) of all children living in endemic areas [like Africa].” — WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION

Worms have very interesting names: hook worm, round worm, tape worm, whip worm, pin worm, etc. But that’s where it ends; they are also called “parasites” (and nobody admires such a name!) They feed on the host’s blood, causing loss of iron and proteins; they cause decrease absorption of important nutrients into the body system; they cause loss of appetite; and so on. All these lead to poor growth and development.

If it’s an adult, we might not worry much, but if it’s a growing child, we can’t take chances; because with poor physical and mental development, affecting the ability to learn and school performance, the brightness of the future is seriously reduced.

True, worms infestation might not be as life-threatening as malaria infection; and professors may sit in air-conditioned offices in developed countries debating if worm infestation is as harmful as said; the long and short of the story is, I do not want these rope-like vampires and parasites in our children’s body systems!

I don’t want us discussing how these worms get into the body, or what the symptoms of worm infection are. Just make it a habit, a health ritual, of deworming yourself and your entire family (including your dogs and cats!) at least twice in a year.

Drugs like Mebendazole and Albendazole are very effective. Talk to your doctor, or visit a pharmacist today. Let’s secure tomorrow today!